Unlock Real-time Metrics from Your Third-Party Email Campaigns

(Third-Party Publications, Rented Lists Collaborations & Partnership Email Blasts)

 See what you've been missing. literally. 


You have several clients that you manage email marketing for where the clients are regularly sending email campaigns to rented or purchased email lists outside of their own

You’ve purchased digital display advertising with a publication, and as part of the purchase, the publication is allowing you to send an email to their subscriber list

You’re working with one or more other companies or organizations towards an event that the organizer is going to send an email blast to on your behalf

You’ve rented an email list from a third-party list provider


  • Reliant on rented/purchased email list owners for data and metrics surrounding your email campaigns because the list owners sent the campaigns using their Email Service Providers to their subscriber lists
  • Once your email is sent by these third-parties, it may take weeks or months (sometimes never) for them to provide you your data
  • Depending on the list owner, the data may be sparse, incomplete, or inaccurate
  • The ability to A/B test is limited
  • User insight into successful contacts, opens, and conversions are non-existent


QSL2’s SAAS platform (PATENT-PENDING) puts you in control

  • Access dashboards containing real-time metrics from your email campaigns
  • Tools to impact ROI in real-time
  • Unique identifying information that will allow you to strengthen your ongoing campaigns
  • Doesn’t matter whether you or a third-party blasted the email
  • All with one HTML
rented lists

Real-time email metrics regardless of blast origin


A/B testing and optimization regardless of blast origin – all in one HTML


Easy to interpret and configure customizable charts


User info on opens, clicks, and conversions regardless of blast origin


Controlled metric sharing with team members and clients

The patent-pending QSL2 platform provides real-time email campaign metrics giving you the power to optimize decision-making and act on it. Even in cases of rented list third-party blasts.



Get real-time email campaign metrics directly into your secure dashboard.



Learn from email campaign metrics and quickly turn them into insights.


Use those insights to optimize your campaign’s email communication strategy.

Tired of waiting for inaccurate or partial data on your email campaigns?

Learn how our Patented SaaS platform allows you to see all of your data in real-time – even when you’re sending an email to a rented, third-party, or purchased list that you don’t control!